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EC-2B Video Limit Switch

Video Limit Switch

  • Would you like a sensor switch on this roll casing? Just draw it on the TV monitor with the sensor controls.

  • Objects passing the sensor area will close (or open) the contacts.

  • No reflectors or receivers necessary. Nothing to align. Single ended. No distance problem.

    Here is a sensing device for you to use in working out switching problems that were previously unsolvable. Just mount a television camera in a convenient location where you can view the general region in which you want the switch. Then with the controls on the EC-2B, 'draw' the switch on the TV screen exactly where you want it.

    The switch can be drawn in any rectangular, square, vertical, or horizontal configuration, from a tiny dot to full screen. Any object passing the 'switch drawing' will activate the switch. That's all there is to it, providing adequate picture contrast exists.

    There are no reflectors or receivers necessary to position, align, or keep clean. Plant production can be increased because now you can install a switch where you never could before as there are very few physical limitations to the switch mounting.

    The sensitivity of the unit is quickly adjusted so the switch will not activate on the background view but only on contrasting objects passing before the background. The background can be still or in motion.

    The EC-2B is easily inserted into almost any camera/monitor system you may currently be using or we can supply a complete new system.

    The reliability of the EC-2B is outstanding because the system can be located out of environmentally damaging areas even though it is functioning in those areas via visual contact with the remote TV camera.

    Since its introduction the EC-2B has been purchased for many different industrial applications. Could this unique switch solve some problems for you? For more information contact Rodney Yandell at 800-227-1768 or fax 707-443-2418.

  • Roll casing transfers

  • Detecting material on belts

  • Setworks lockout, sawblade protection

  • Press roll control on head rigs, edgers, resaws, etc.


Ph: 800-227-1768 Fax 707-443-2418
E-mail video@redwoodelectronics.com