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Industrial Intercoms

Developed for Rough Usage






Standard basic model

Has optional* call button (A) for sending tone

Also has provision for hand-held microphone

Has provision for hand-held microphone and call tone

Noise canceling microphone for AD-27-7 series

Also has provision for remote talk/listen switch





* The options can be mixed in a variety of ways to accommodate your requirements

                 9409 Two Conductor #18 AWG stranded       $       .35 per foot
                                                                                                $150. per 500'
                                                                                                $299. per 1000'

Ph: 800-227-1768 Fax 707-443-2418
E-mail video@redwoodelectronics.com

Designed for noisy areas and bad environments

      You'll like the clear voice penetration that comes through in noisy areas and tough conditions with these Atkinson-Dynamics (ADCO) intercoms. These units have been proven through years of use in industrial applications.
      Both transmitter and receiver are housed in a single heavy aluminum casting, PROTECTED from DIRT, DUST, RAIN, SNOW and ROUGH USAGE.
      To install an ADCO intercom system you simply mount the unit on a post or wall. You then string an ordinary two conductor #18 wire between the two or more stations in the system and plug the units into the power source.
      To talk, you hold down the switch lever on the intercom; to listen, you release the switch. A single knob controls the volume. All units on the line receive simultaneously or you can wire for a "page/privacy" condition.
      These powerful units have an effective range between stations of a few feet to several miles.
      The electronics are Solid-State and the mechanical parts are tough. They work and KEEP ON WORKING.
      You get FAST, SAME DAY SHIPMENTS from stock on hand in our large inventory. If you have a need for intercoms call us today.