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 Photo furnished by Zip-O Log Mills,
 Eugene, OR. Cameras over log infeed
 give accurate view of log length.

The operator gets a close-up view of the log to see if there is enough length and trim to make the correct bucking decisions.

This is a common layout for mills bucking 48 ft. logs with the operator sitting at the saw line, and either with or without pin stops. Other configur- ations are also commonly used. OPTIBUCK is versatile enough to accommodate practically any setup.

Camera Module


Extreme Weather

Camera Controller

OCC-8, 12, or 18

Line Module

Video Assisted Log Bucking

        This system shows you if the log is long enough to get the cuts you want. It's difficult for an operator, sitting in a fixed position, to judge a log's length and how much trim it has. They get pretty good at it but it still leaves room for considerable error, consequently considerable waste.

        OPTIBUCK gives them the ability to see the length precisely and quickly. It accomplishes this by employing special video cameras mounted above the log haul. They are placed at 2' intervals coinciding with the bucking dimensions of the log. With a simple push of a button the operator selects the appropriate camera. On their monitor(s) appears a close up view of the end(s) of the log. It shows apparent defects or bias cuts and if there is enough trim for the desired bucking solution.

5 Reasons to Own Optibuck

    1. More recovery!
    2. Less waste!
    3. Accuracy to 1/4"!
    4. Quick return on investment!
    5. More profit!

Easily Configured To Your Needs
  • Most mills using OPTIBUCK install their cameras to view both ends of the log.
    (See schematic layout on the left.)

  • Some mills have pin stops and use the cameras on the trailing end of the log and one on the saw line.

  • Some also use cameras to view their pin stops to verify good contact or they replace the stops completely.

  • OPTIBUCK offers flexibility. You can install it in the best way to serve your needs.

  • If hands free operation is necessary simply install a dedicated monitor to each camera. The complete log length, not just the ends, will be viewed at all times.

Here is what you need...

Outdoor Standard Camera Module
          (One for each cutting length)

  • Industrial Grade CCD solid-state camera
  • Auto iris lens (prefocused to your application)
  • Outdoor housing
  • 120VAC defogger and heater
  • Double swivel mount
  • Precision aligned
  • Ready for installation
          Standard OCHW-1-DEF                   $594

Extreme Weather Camera Module
  • Same as above with additional thermostatically controlled heater and continuous duty blower for extreme weather conditions.
   Extreme Weather OCHW-1-HB/DEF     $643

Camera Controller (Switcher)
  • Comes custom configured to your bucking lengths.

  • 8 Position Controller OCC-8             

  • 12 Position Controller OCC-12         

  • 18 Position Controller OCC-18         

Vertical Sight Line Module

The vertical electronic reference line is switchable from black to white for easy viewing against variable backgrounds. This allows the operator to change the line to suit his or her particular eyesight without sacrificing any precision in the system. Use with any of our heavy duty monitors that fit your application.
  • OLM 1.2 Line Module                        $599

OPTIBUCK used in over 50 mills

User Comments...

   "Having the ability to measure both ends of a log before bucking it.
   Minimized maintenance by not using mechanical pin stops.
   Initial cost of the video is less than the conventional pin stop or photo eye method.
   Redwood (Electronics) has an excellent service and backup program"

         William T. Wilkins
         W.K.O. Inc.

   "As soon as that log's in the shute you can tell what the log length is and create your bucking solution.
   ...We try to buck from the butt first but sometimes we end up with a log that's top first and you've got unknowns at the other end. [With OPTIBUCK] you can tell what your lengths are, if you've got enough excess trim to play with, or if you've got a bad end on the log. You know how much you can afford to clean that up before you destroy your bucking solution. There is much less trim-back by just ending up with a log that was bucked a couple inches too short.
   There are definite recovery advantages to it"

         Mike Pederson
         Tubafor Mills
         (Currently TMI Forest

   "When you cut 3000 logs a day and you have to make decisions quick, you don't have time to be second guessing yourself. Looking 40 feet down the log you go 'is that 2" of trim or 6" of trim?' You have no way of knowing. You're up to human error.
   It [OPTIBUCK] really helps in your recovery in a sawmill.
   I've bucked logs with and without cameras. I'll tell you, it's just no comparison.
   The cameras pay for themselves in a month just off the saved wood.
   At today's log prices you want to get every bit of the wood you can out of it. The only way to do it is with your cameras. The only way."

         Brian Coffelt
         Bucksaw Operator
         Britt Lumber Co.

   "...We've saved a tremendous amount of wood fiber because we've made better bucking decisions. It's simple for the operator to use and it's dependable"

         Tony Ipac          Starfire Lumber

   "It has helped us to buck 3 logs from 2 log segment lengths and we can see the ones that won't make it. Helps catch stump shot ends. We have 3" markers scribed on our log slip that the monitors see real well so we can split the difference to make lengths."

         Darrell Dearman          Sierra Pacific Ind.

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