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LENSES. In doubt about which lens to choose?
No problem. Phone us at 800-227-1768 and tell us what distance the camera will be mounted from the area you want to view. Then let us know the horizontal and vertical measurements you want to see from that distance. We'll suggest the proper lens.

Just three lenses about do it all.

Auto Iris

Better Depth of field

     Auto iris lenses generally have a better range than do lenses with fixed (no) irises. This gives you maximun sharpness of your picture from close to far.

Protects the Camera
CCD Sensor from
Ultraviolet Damage.

     In outdoor applications, an open iris lens lets in excessive ultraviolet light. This can fade the filter covering the CCD sensor, thereby shortening the life of the camera. Auto iris lenses provide the proper protection.

Lenses for Older Cameras.
     Most older cameras are different formats from the current generation. They use different lenses to see the same field of views. We have most of these lenses in stock. Phone us with the make and model number of your camera and the dimensions you want to see, and we will suggest the proper lens to do the job.

Orders Ready
for shipment
In 20 Minutes



Replaces WV-LZA61/2
2.7mm to 13.5mm variable focal length.
    Most popular model. 84% of all applications use this lens. Incorporates the popular 2.7mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 9mm, 12mm and everything in between, in one lens. Plus, check out the new low price.
 -Auto iris
 -Angular Field of View on 1/3" format cameras:
    Horizontal Degrees: 20.37 (Tele) 99.42 (wide)
    Vertical Degrees: 15.30 (Tele) 74.17 (wide)
                    Fujinon suggested retail price $109
                         Our Industrial Net $99                     Spec Sheet



Replaces WV-LZ62/8
5mm to 50mm variable focal length.
    This lens covers from the first level of wide angle, through the standard view, and up through the far telephoto ranges. A linear progression of many lenses is included in this one model.
 -Auto iris
 -Angular Field of View on 1/3" format cameras:
    Horizontal Degrees: 5.24 (Tele) 51.59 (wide)
    Vertical Degrees: 4.05 (Tele) 39.12 (wide)
                    Fujinon suggested retail price $160
                          Our Industrial Net $148                    Spec Sheet



Replaces WV-LA210C3

1.4mm to 3.1mm ultra wide angle
    When it's necessary to see a really wide view, this is the lens. At 1.4mm, from 10' away, you'll see 31' wide. From 50' the horizontal view will be 157'. You can expect fish eye curvature in the picture, but when the purpose is to view a large area, this is the lens to do it.
 -Auto iris
 -Angular Field of View on 1/3" format cameras:
    Horizontal Degrees: 94.47 (Tele) 185 (wide)
    Vertical Degrees: 69.26 (Tele) n/a (wide)
 -Aperture: Fl.4 ~ T360
                    Fujinon suggested retail price $215
                          Our Industrial Net $187                    Spec Sheet

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