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Connectors and Cable

BNC Crimp On. This is an excellent connector and the easiest to apply providing you have a crimp tool (see below). Best all around connector considering the ease of installation and quality.

                                                                                                                33-1160                              $1.90


BNC Thread On. Installs fast for temporary use but not recommended for permanent installations The center pin is a spring press fit and is not as reliable as the crimp type connector.

                                                                                                                33-1150                              $1.90


BNC Barrel Splice. Double sided female BNC that connects two male BNC coax cable ends for splicing extensions.

                                                          33-1107                              $1.90


BNC to RCA Adapter. Handy for attaching a BNC connector to the video input on a VCR or standard Television.

                                                              957                                  $2.10


543945 is the most popular general purpose CCTV cable. It has mostly replaced the older 8221 because of its new low price.







RG59/U video coax with solid
copper center conductor.
95% copper shield

RG59/U video coax w/stranded
copper center conductor.
95% copper shield

RG59/U video coax with two
18AWG tray rated conductors
for 24VAC cameras.

24VAC, 3 cond. camera power
cable. 20 gauge stranded

Adco Intercom cable.
2 cond. 18AWG stranded



 spools only




Ground Loop Corrector. Eliminates distortion and hum bars caused by ground potential differences of the coax cable between camera and monitor locations. See side bar (right of page) for details.

                                                           GIT100                                $208

Crimping Tool. For use with the 33-1160 crimp connector above. Also crimps RG58/U, RG59/U and RG6/U both for the center pin and shield.

                                                           WS-36                             $35.00


Coax Wire Stripper. One action strips center conductor, insulator, shield and outer cover to fit the
33-1160 connector above. Can be readjusted to fit other connectors. Makes the job easier and saves time.

                                                            12-458                             $19.90


Coax to Cat-5 UTP Video Transmission.
Now you can run unshielded twisted pair instead of coax cable. This easy to install converter matches the lines.
 -Up to 1200' Color, 1800' B/W
 -Easy to install screw terminals
 -Reduces ground loops and electrical interference
 -Passive - no external power required

                     RECNTB                        $15.00

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      Bad connections are the number one cause of system problems. Quality connectors, installed with care, are critical to good system performance.

Coax Cable

      Beware of the wrong type of cable. RG59/U is the standard 75ohm video cable but it comes in many different types and qualities.

      Use coax cable that has a copper center conductor and a copper shielding with at least 95% coverage.

      Do not use coax cable that employs an aluminum shield. This is commonly used on home and commercial installations for off-air or standard television cable reception. It does not work good with 0-10mhz base-band closed circuit video.

      The proper coax cable should carry a quality signal 750' to 1000' without amplification.

Video on Twisted Pair

      Although coax cable is the usual medium for video transmission, unshielded twisted pair (CAT-5) can also be used. The REVC2 is a line matching device for that purpose. Click here.

Ground Loops

      Ground loops can cause distortion and hum bars in your pictures. They are caused by a voltage potential difference between various grounding locations when they are referenced to one another.
      This can be checked by setting your multimeter on AC volts and measuring between the chassis ground on the equipment and the shield of the cable. The cable should be disconnected from the equipment being checked but connected to the other unit. The reading should be under 0.5 volts AC.

      These problems can be eliminated or at least minimized with a GIT100 Ground Loop Corrector.

  • Passive device. Requires no power.
  • Minimizes ground loop interference.
  • Easily added to existing systems.

      If you have any questions, or if there is anything else you need, give us a call.

      Most applications or solutions to problems can be worked out over the phone.

      So give us a call. We would enjoy talking with you.